Eating Out with Allergies… Sucks

But it doesn’t have to.

MacroMenu helps you find safe restaurants, allergy menus, and cross contact information based on your dietary restriction so you can finally eat out stress free.

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Find Safe Food

Put in all your dietary restrictions, level of severity, what type of food you want, and let MacroMenu find you safe restaurants in your area.

See an Allergy Menu

Filter by all different kinds of menus the restaurant has available whether that be a full allergy menu, just gluten free, vegan, or nutrition facts. We even have exclusive allergy menus available that aren’t on the internet anywhere and made in partnership with our restaurants to better serve you.

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Cross Contact Info

Our food allergy experts interview restaurants to ask them detailed questions about their cross contact procedures. We outline their responses with a write up for each allergen instructing you on how you should order to stay safe, and what to be aware of in terms of shared spaces and cookware.

Order Stress Free

We asked all the hard questions for you so now all you have to do is use our app to order or make a reservation using your favorite sites whether that be doordash, ubereats, opentable, or grubhub. What a concept, to order out like a semi normal human being. 

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