Transparent Eating for All

MacroMenu is an app that helps those with dietary restrictions eat out and find allergy menus that fit their needs.

Filter by Your Allergen

Select all your allergens, level of severity and cross contamination sensitivity. MacroMenu will then find the best restaurants for your individual needs. 

Find Safe Restaurants

Our MacroMenu reps all have food allergies themselves and have gone into several Denver restaurants to give you detailed information about their allergen practices.

Share with Others

The more you review the more you help others in the community stay safe! Join us in our mission to create transparent eating, you’re a part of our team!

Submit a Restaurant

1 in 3 people in the US have some kind of dietary restriction and we want to help them find local restaurants that can cater well to their needs. If you are a restaurant owner looking to reach this market and get loyal customers let us know by booking a call with me.